Grand Opening Bikini Berlin Concept Mall

In my lunch break today, I attended the grand opening of the Bikini Berlin Concept Mall. I was positively surprised about the whole thing. First of all, the architecture looks as great from the outside, as it does on the inside, even with a few spots that still appear unfinished yet. The whole mall is smaller than I’ve expected it to be. Either there’s still a lot of unused space on the area, or it simply felt like that due to the crowd of people.

Apart of Cyberport, which seems to be the only electronics store there, the Bikini Berlin looks like a soon-to-be Mekka for fashion- and lifestyle-nerds from all over the world. The choice of fabrics appears as limitless as the price level. In addition to the clothing shops also a couple of living/lifestyle stores can be found – like for example the Vitra-Artek on the gallery floor.

Altogether I really liked the “look & feel” of the new Bikini Berlin Mall. It’s definitely worth a visit, even though it’s not 100% finished yet. A list of all available labels so far can be found here. With restaurants and cafes spread over the whole mall, it’s easy to spend at least one day in there.

I’ll surely visit it again, as soon as constructions have finished.

(These photos were taken using a Nokia Lumia 1520)